Thursday, March 25, 2010

Planet Comicon 2010 This Weekend!

Be sure to join the Elite Comics staff at Planet Comicon 2010 this weekend, March 27th and 28th. Not only will we have over 50,000 back-issues priced at 50 cents each, but we'll also have an insane amount of trades, toys, action figures, and statues.

If that's not incentive enough, we'll also have Supergirl, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl available for pictures.

So suit up for our costume contest and meet us at the Overland Park International Trade Center.  Tickets are good for the entire weekend and are available for $15 at the door.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Understanding Twitter.

I understand a bunch of people just love twitter.  They love the up to the minute details of other peoples day.  They love the challenge of keeping the joke to 140 characters.  It gives them something to do with their  iPhone.

Some people however do not understand twitter.

You only need to tweet about a sandwich you're eating if you find a finger in it.

We only need to know how late you stayed up last night if you are trying to issue an excuse for your late arrival at a meeting. 

If you had a bowl of soup that changed your life, it's not good soup, it's a crappy life.

Everyone who knows me knows I love irony. Love it. So my favorite tweets are all day long updates about how behind schedule you are on some bit of work.  Who do you think is reading your every 10 minute updates about the 7 pages of inking you saved till the last possible day?  Your editor, maybe? The penciler who spent a couple of day per page?

I also love the self engrandizing tweets.  The 'Ho Hum, another publisher meeting at Ruth's Chris.  I just want to write things to please my fans but my agent wants me to get richer, oh the boredom.'  Fuck you.  Be real. It should be more like 'Holy crap! I can't believe anyone but my Mom wants to read my stuff.  Got to be cool. Act like I've eaten a $75 steak before.'

People who don't use Twitter also need to understand it.

If you give court side seats to a sold out game to anyone, especially a fame starved porn star, she is going to tweet about it, coach.  Then your teen-aged daughter is going to read it and you will be in dutch with the wife and the school in no time flat.

Now for a bit of that sweet irony I love so much I am going to tweet a link to this blog post.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve, Eve at Elite Comics

We had a great time at the shop Wednesday for our New Years Eve, Eve party.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and bought some books, had some cake and visited our special guests. 

A special thanks to our guest Arie Monroe and Damont Jordan.  You guys were awesome!  Arie drew my new favorite Super Girl picture! You can see Damonts Blackest Night skate board deck hanging in the store.  It rocks!

Also a huge thank you to Super Girl, Green Lantern and Star Saffire.  That was a very cold day to come out in costume.  You guys are the best.  Check the website for pics of the day(very soon) and some scans of Arie and Damonts stuff!

The biggest thank you of all to all my customers.  None of the fun stuff can happen, and I have to get a real job, if not for you.  I sincerely appreciate your business and your friendship. 

We have a bunch of fun stuff planned for this year starting with our new website and online subscription system.  Go to the website and click on the subscription button and give it a try, you'll love it!
We are also looking for people to write reviews for the site.  Got a favorite book you think people need to be reading?  Write up a case and become a guest reviewer on our site. 

We have signings and events coming up all year and we are already getting ready for the big one-Planet Comicon 2010!

Thanks again for a great year and see you Wednesday!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Elite Comics has a website!

Yes, we finally did it.  We have rushed head long into the 1990's and started a website.

You can keep up on events, see lots of pictures, read blogs and revues and keep in contact with us.   The best part is we have partnered with to start managing subscriptions online!

All you have to do is follow the link on the wbsite to the comixology site, fill out the info and link it to Elite Comics.  We will get all your subscription information and we will both get e-mailed your weekly list!

Stop by and take a look at the site (designed by our own Gabe Dorsey) and let me kow what you think.